It's A Small Small World!
Sat Sep 2, 2017 10:47am

And little droogies grow up to be big droogies. ;-)

There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening. The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.
Well. Well, well. Well, well, well, well, if it isn't little Alex. Long time no viddy, droog. How goes?

  • OMG!Pikes, Sat Sep 2 4:35am
    I saw the story today, and when I read the cop's name- chills! I had a student by that name for a year, in roughly the same region. Outside Salt Lake, that whole region is sparsely populated with... more
    • It's A Small Small World! — Merlin, Sat Sep 2 10:47am
      • More Pikes, Sat Sep 2 11:19am
        The boy was one of three suspected in starting the 1987 fire on Battlement Mesa After the fire, he and his family moved. No one was arrested because there... more
        • A Clockwork OrangeSia☺giah, Sun Sep 3 1:25am

          • Oh yeah!Pikes, Sun Sep 3 10:23am
            I didn't connect it with that. My mind was on another planet, which is typical! Plus I never "got into" A Clockwork Orange. At the time I was really steeped in classical music, and paid little... more
              • My ignorance. Pikes, Sun Sep 3 5:52pm
                I really never saw much of, or got into A Clockwork Orange. It's one of those things I just didn't make time for. Mistake? Absolutely. I know it grabbed attention of many people- but I really was in... more
        • He had his droogies with him in this case.Merlin, Sat Sep 2 1:04pm
          There were a number of fellow officers at the scene who carefully record what happened but did not call their sergeant or lieutenant of whoever to tell him to stand down until one of the other... more