Flood insurance is federal.
Sat Sep 2, 2017 2:10pm

You may purchase it THROUGH the same company that you get your regular windstorm or other homeowners insurance from, but it is not them providing it.

SO, when the individual seeks to get financing to build in that area, they AUTOMATICALLY will get an approval, or denial for flood insurance...

So, how is getting an extra letter a "better mousetrap"?

I don't consider extra paperwork for the sake of extra paperwork to be an improvement.

  • Deference to your experiencePikes, Sat Sep 2 2:00pm
    I have no experience with flood insurance. I can think of several arguments, but why bother? Too many people don't want better mousetraps. Others want existing mousetraps taken apart and removed.... more
    • Flood insurance is federal. — Sprout, Sat Sep 2 2:10pm