Can hear police communications
Mon Sep 4, 2017 1:58pm

in the video, so JP was talking with people at the hospital and his department. Some sounds like radio communication, but it's hard to hear exactly what.

When I read the article as saw the name, I had to watch the video, because when I taught in W Co, I had a student JP. Unusual last name spelling. Salt Lake isn't that far away either. When I saw his face, there was no doubt. Same person. I recognized his face- nose and eyes especially. JP was not a good student. Did next to nothing. He was a sneaky little runt frequently into bad mischief. He broke into a classroom where concessions were stored and stole candy, which he gave away to other kids. When questioned, he lied and lied. Since nobody actually saw him steal the candy, it wasn't pursued, even though he gave the candy away to others right after the theft. He could not be trusted at all, and had a quick little temper and a short fuse. But he also got his butt whooped by some other boys he pestered. In summer 1987 a large forest fire burned on Battlement Mesa, and he and two others were seen playing in the arroyo where the fire was suspected to have begun. No arrests because of lack of evidence. His was a transient family and they moved after the fire. Never heard the name again until I read the story.

Police work is about the last profession I would have expected for him. The SLCPD must have low standards, or didn't do a background check that included school records. He's one of those kids you just don't see ever straightening out. By evidence of the video, he didn't. Same jerk as an adult he was as a teenager.

JP was a sort-of percussionist in my band. Sort of because he never practiced and didn't master much. Not even the five stroke roll.

  • He is a policemanJeeves, Sun Sep 3 8:45pm
    He is expected to have been trained in legal procedures, requirements, etc. ESPECIALLY if he is a trained phlebotomist, he should know the legalities involved ,