The point is that no one was asking the nurse
Mon Sep 4, 2017 4:54pm

to force anyone to accept anything.

IMO there are LOTS of examples of cases where medical professionals HAVE cooperated with police to force searches of various types ACTIVELY against the wishes of the patient....

There was one I read about in New Mexico which became especially egregious when the hospital then sent a BILL to the victim for services.

Just google police body cavity search lawsuits and you will come up with plenty. And I SERIOUSLY doubt that any significant percentage of them voluntarily agreed to have their rectal cavities probed.

  • a law just about everywhere that drawing blood from a patient without consent is considered assault, and no nurse will even force an 8 year old who says NO to let her take blood. It isn't done and... more
    • The point is that no one was asking the nurse — Sprout, Mon Sep 4 4:54pm