In my area where flooding is fairly common...
Mon Sep 4, 2017 7:13pm

They have actually started buying out homesteads that have repeatedly flooded. Most are those built within the last 40 to 50 years...when apparently, the area collectively had amnesia regarding the historical flood plain. It's amazing what a decade of drier than average weather can do. Now, there are regulations and zoning that increase the difficulty and expense of building as you build in areas with increasing likelihood of flooding. Another thing they implemented is, that if your building adds to the flooding potential, you have to mitigate it. In other words, if you build a 1000 square yard pad for your building that is 6 feet above the flood plain, you have to compensate for the increased areal flooding your structure will cause due to displacement.

  • Care to offer a different proposal? (nm)Jeeves, Mon Sep 4 6:49pm
    • I don't have a problem making it moreSprout, Tue Sep 5 9:05am
      expensive for the poor. So I have no problem with taxation as the method. I also look at solutions like El Paso used which required a builder to build ponding areas if he/she was going to pave over... more
      • Okay, then we agreeJeeves, Tue Sep 5 9:13am
        Wetlands should be protected by the government. The exact means of doing so is still to be determined.
    • In my area where flooding is fairly common... — HeavyHemi, Mon Sep 4 7:13pm