LOL... aparently you didn't read them
Wed Sep 6, 2017 12:51pm

because they clearly did not apply in this case.

Or were you told to obey unlawful orders?

  • said could be used. I even pinpointed your failure to address them in your tantrum. Your assertion there is never a legal defense is false. I cited them. STOP LYING.
    • And to FURTHER clarify for you...Sprout, Wed Sep 6 12:53pm
      The officer was presented ON THE SCENE with the documents showing he had no authority to force the blood draw. So, he cannot claim ignorance. I would think it wasn't that hard and didn't believe you... more
      • Once again, you try to change the argument to your own tiny specific example instead of the actual discussion. I cited examples using your standard provided exceptions. You are in fact wrong.
      • I described him as a student differently. Less politically correct. I believe I wrote a sneaky little runt. Some things don't change. Same with defenses. When JP was sixteen, he looked twelve, and... more
        • Hahaha😀. I have to guffaw.PH👁👁EY (JP), Sun Sep 10 11:39pm
          That describes me to a "T." Though I was never a runt. I was so immature my elementary school held me back a year in third grade. I did not have pubic hair until 17. And today at 72 I look 60.... more
        • I was asked a question about a LEGAL defense of "obeying orders", and addressed it utilizing the example of the Nuremburg trials clearly showing that obeying orders to commit violations was not... more
          • Your argument is sound.PH💉💉EY, Sun Sep 10 11:44pm
            So why is it so difficult for another to grasp the simplicity of your points?
          • I asked the question. You don't get to change it to what YOU decide. I cited examples where in theory a defense exists. You asserted it never does. You are in fact wrong and your concession they DO... more
            • Not so fast:PH🗣🗣EY, Sun Sep 10 11:48pm
              Your manner of discussion is more akin to a bum's rush ( or is it bum rush.). You cannot just dismiss a debator with the wave of an imperial finger wag or flippant hand gesture. The buzzer has... more
              • Contrarian, I have asked you nicely.HeavyHemi, Mon Sep 11 12:56am
                Stop it now.
                • Stop what?PH😵😵EY, Mon Sep 11 7:41pm
                  You mystify me. I offer an opinion. It's not a particularly nice opinion. But I felt you were being haughty. Sorry if you are offended. Forgive me.
                • LOL....Sprout, Mon Sep 11 8:43am
                  And what will you do if he doesn't? Wave your finger imperiously again? Or perhaps you will taunt someone as second time... LOL Whiner.
                  • Are you 12?HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 12 3:35am
                    You posted your tantrum because you're upset that you you keep losing simple arguments. Grow up kid.
    • LOL... aparently you didn't read them — Sprout, Wed Sep 6 12:51pm