Wish we could take some of the rain...
Wed Sep 6, 2017 1:41pm

...to put out the damn fires. =(

  • and expanding. This could be really bad for a lot of people depending upon the track...which I guess is reiterating the obvious.
    • Wish we could take some of the rain... — Poppet, Wed Sep 6 1:41pm
      • I'd have happily loaned you some of mine....Sprout, Mon Sep 11 9:32am
        We ended up with a bit over 42 inches of rain... Including 26 inches in 24 hours. I'm just glad that it was WARM rain as opposed to that cold stuff that falls from the sky up north :)
        • Yeah, that sounded pretty awful.Poppet, Mon Sep 11 2:58pm
          I suppose you got off lighter than many. Hell of a lot of work, expense, and pain-in-the-ass factor, though...
          • Yeah... I'm OK...Sprout, Mon Sep 11 4:00pm
            Had to move a bunch of my stuff so that the drywall and kitchen can be gutted... And I'm helping gut my friends house who got a couple of feet of water as opposed to my couple of inches. I have a... more
            • You won't regret it.
              • It was a very comfortable bed. Fortunately I have some time to shop around to try and find just the right mattress to last me another while. With my back issues, I have no problem spending money no a ... more
            • Legit silver lining, I s'pose.Poppet, Tue Sep 12 1:10pm
              Nothing like a new bed! =) While things were nasty up here for a few days, I was personally never in any danger and neither were my properties. Nothing in the fire area (and I don't have breathing... more
              • Locked faults....Sprout, Tue Sep 12 5:28pm
                From the (limited) reading I have done on the topic, it appears there are a number of faults along the west coast of the US that are believed to be long overdue for movement. Apparently some... more
                • I have a handful of residential properties in Portland, and I'd been living in one in a neighborhood called King's Heights. As the name might imply, it's known for hillside views (and some really... more
                  • We all have our potential druthers.PH🔥🔥EY, Tue Sep 12 9:41pm
                    I live in a forest. On top of a ridge (4,000) feet. The last time it burned was in '29'. An old timer described it to me. Basically I reside on my potential funeral pyre given the "right" conditions. ... more
      • I've had to chase of so many arsehats...HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 6 11:32pm
        riding around on their ATV's and trail bikes...sans spark arresters...friggen morons. As you know in the great PNW, there's miles and miles of private forest land and access roads of varying quality. ... more