Again, the discussion isn't about YOU and YOUR argument.
Wed Sep 6, 2017 2:28pm

I asked the question. You don't get to change it to what YOU decide. I cited examples where in theory a defense exists. You asserted it never does. You are in fact wrong and your concession they DO in fact exist via your attempts to rebut them also PROVES they in fact exist. You argue they are not a defense IN THIS CASE. That is YOUR OPINION not a legal fact Judge Spout. Class dismissed.

  • I was asked a question about a LEGAL defense of "obeying orders", and addressed it utilizing the example of the Nuremburg trials clearly showing that obeying orders to commit violations was not... more
    • Again, the discussion isn't about YOU and YOUR argument. — HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 6 2:28pm
      • Not so fast:PH🗣🗣EY, Sun Sep 10 11:48pm
        Your manner of discussion is more akin to a bum's rush ( or is it bum rush.). You cannot just dismiss a debator with the wave of an imperial finger wag or flippant hand gesture. The buzzer has... more
        • Contrarian, I have asked you nicely.HeavyHemi, Mon Sep 11 12:56am
          Stop it now.
          • Stop what?PH😵😵EY, Mon Sep 11 7:41pm
            You mystify me. I offer an opinion. It's not a particularly nice opinion. But I felt you were being haughty. Sorry if you are offended. Forgive me.
          • LOL....Sprout, Mon Sep 11 8:43am
            And what will you do if he doesn't? Wave your finger imperiously again? Or perhaps you will taunt someone as second time... LOL Whiner.
            • Are you 12?HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 12 3:35am
              You posted your tantrum because you're upset that you you keep losing simple arguments. Grow up kid.