Best remain a guest for a while
Fri Sep 8, 2017 3:32pm

Even after Irma is done, aftermath will linger state-wide. Jose is on Irma's heels, and is itself chased by more depressions.

X's cousin visited for a week. Sunday we took her up Pikes Peak by the highway. She is NOT a hiker. I made two pieces- one to document her trip there, and another with an alternate ending, called Oops.

Forward to the ten minute mark to see what can happen in the Bottomless Pit.

  • I hope not. My Dad is in NH at my house right nowSia☺giah, Thu Sep 7 11:40pm
    has been up here for almost 2 weeks now. He had originally planned on going home today, but came down sick on Monday and I canceled his tickets and booked him for next week, Friday, to be SURE he was ... more
    • Best remain a guest for a while — Pikes, Fri Sep 8 3:32pm
      • along the coastline. He & my Mom lived right on the Homosassa River for several years and got WALLOPED by Hurricane Andrew in '92. Since then, they moved inland about 20 miles to Beverly Hills in the ... more
        • XPikes, Sun Sep 10 10:29am
          It looks like Irma's core will remain off shore just west of Florida. most if not all the way up the peninsula. By keeping that over water, it will weaken very gradually, retaining hurricane force... more