Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:29am

It looks like Irma's core will remain off shore just west of Florida. most if not all the way up the peninsula. By keeping that over water, it will weaken very gradually, retaining hurricane force winds all the way up the peninsula until it finally makes landfall somewhere in the bend. As it passes, SW winds will push a huge storm surge that will continue to feed the storm.

The entire peninsula will be affected by hours of hurricane force wind gusts and torrential rain. But when it moves into the hardwood forests of Georgia and Alabama, uprooted and falling trees unaccustomed to such wind will take out an unprecedented area of powerlines.

A gosling.

  • along the coastline. He & my Mom lived right on the Homosassa River for several years and got WALLOPED by Hurricane Andrew in '92. Since then, they moved inland about 20 miles to Beverly Hills in the ... more
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