Pardon me for chuckling😊
Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:10pm

And it brought back a memory from when I resided in a community north of San Francisco. Let's call it " Boca Raton." Lots of Florida type flora abounds. And this particular palm grows there like a weed. The tree across the street from me was touching the power line and caught on fire. The neighbor had it cut down. I saw all those interesting yellow pod type stringy growths and gathered them up thinking I would make a Christmas wreath. Never got to it but and left the mess in the front yard, a mistake. Baby palms were popping up out of the lawn and the bushes for the next three years. I could have potted them up and sold them. Which I did not. I would like to try one up here in this environment. Triple digit temps since mid-June.

  • Coconut cannonballsPikes, Sun Sep 10 12:13pm
    Over the last decade or two, use of coconut palms in Florida landscaping became epidemic. They're cheap, grow fast, and look tropical. These will all provide "cannon balls" for the hurricane to use,... more
    • Pardon me for chuckling😊 — PH👁👁EY, Sun Sep 10 11:10pm
      • Redwood empire palmsPikes, Sun Sep 10 11:39pm
        Biggest palm I ever saw was a Jubaea chilensis on the Eel River across from US 101 near Garberville. Easy six foot diameter trunk, height about 80 feet, and a frond spread of about 70 feet. Lots of... more
        • The Palm cut down was also huge.PH🌴🌴EY, Mon Sep 11 12:11am
          When it hit the ground the entire neighborhood jumped. Bel Marin Keyes. You would swear it was a Florida suburban setting. It was too weird for me. Not natural at all. The people were odd. I was... more
          • Palms are heavyPikes, Mon Sep 11 12:10pm
            They're not woody. In place of wood is waterlogged fiber. Tough. Many species are planted mature with a crane, and "hurricane cut," meaning all fronds are removed. The root grows to anchor the thing, ... more
            • Mmm, that is a nice look.PH🌴🌴EY, Mon Sep 11 7:31pm
              Well, you answered a question on my mind about cutting boards out of a palm. Probably tooo tough on equipment. Grind them up, add a adhesive and make something useful. Right now I would love to be... more