The Palm cut down was also huge.
Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:11am

When it hit the ground the entire neighborhood jumped. Bel Marin Keyes. You would swear it was a Florida suburban setting. It was too weird for me. Not natural at all. The people were odd. I was quite happy to retire from that locale. Thanks for the botany lesson:-)

  • Redwood empire palmsPikes, Sun Sep 10 11:39pm
    Biggest palm I ever saw was a Jubaea chilensis on the Eel River across from US 101 near Garberville. Easy six foot diameter trunk, height about 80 feet, and a frond spread of about 70 feet. Lots of... more
    • The Palm cut down was also huge. — PH🌴🌴EY, Mon Sep 11 12:11am
      • Palms are heavyPikes, Mon Sep 11 12:10pm
        They're not woody. In place of wood is waterlogged fiber. Tough. Many species are planted mature with a crane, and "hurricane cut," meaning all fronds are removed. The root grows to anchor the thing, ... more
        • Mmm, that is a nice look.PH🌴🌴EY, Mon Sep 11 7:31pm
          Well, you answered a question on my mind about cutting boards out of a palm. Probably tooo tough on equipment. Grind them up, add a adhesive and make something useful. Right now I would love to be... more