Palms are heavy
Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:10pm

They're not woody. In place of wood is waterlogged fiber. Tough.

Many species are planted mature with a crane, and "hurricane cut," meaning all fronds are removed. The root grows to anchor the thing, and then the bud resumes growth of fronds. Palms have one bud which grows both the root, and fronds. Kill the bud and you kill the palm.

Palms fruit when they reach equilibrium- a mature growth habit where they shed one frond for every new one grown. That produces the tall, bare trunk. Some palms hold onto fronds after they die, forming a large petticoat around the trunk. In California this is often seen on the Washingtonia palms- robusta and filifera. Petticoats are dangerous, and large sections can fall without warning, injuring or killing anyone standing below them.

A new species, Bismarckia nobilis is becoming quite popular in Florida. They are a stunning silver sight.


  • The Palm cut down was also huge.PH🌴🌴EY, Mon Sep 11 12:11am
    When it hit the ground the entire neighborhood jumped. Bel Marin Keyes. You would swear it was a Florida suburban setting. It was too weird for me. Not natural at all. The people were odd. I was... more
    • Palms are heavy — Pikes, Mon Sep 11 12:10pm
      • Mmm, that is a nice look.PH🌴🌴EY, Mon Sep 11 7:31pm
        Well, you answered a question on my mind about cutting boards out of a palm. Probably tooo tough on equipment. Grind them up, add a adhesive and make something useful. Right now I would love to be... more