I have to wonder if crying wolf too many times is
Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:19pm

going to hurt us in the long run.

IMO the media spends so much effort HYPING every single storm trying to twist statistics to make EVERY storm seem like a storm of the century or something SPECIAL and unlike anything we have EVER seen before. And the truth is that political leadership is enthusiastically playing along. IMO how long will it take before we see an increase in the number of folks ignoring warnings after warnings don't play out over and over.

Yes, Irma was a true MONSTER Cat 5 out in the Atlantic and held that strength for a remarkably long time out there. But does that statistic (which makes great ratings) really have any impact on its strength when it hits land? Not really. IMO the leadership, and the press, should be focusing on giving realistic and as factual as possible, predictions of actual anticipated conditions on land. Yes, they certainly will be wrong sometimes. And hurricane tracks constantly change.

But if people keep hearing, "You're all gonna die." over and over, and then they don't die, how long will it be before the next time someone says, "You're all gonna die." results only in their changing the channel, or just having another drink?

  • Several stations reportedPikes, Mon Sep 11 12:30am
    100mph sustained wind, with gusts to 145mph. Not the strongest- SS3, but still serious. Irma set other sustained wind records earlier before grazing Cuba. Its Florida landfall and first hours were... more
    • Very strong winds struck San Franciso.PH🌪💨⚡️EY, Wed Sep 13 12:18pm
      And a major lightning storm hit SF. It just came out of the blue. The reality is the techno terrorist had targeted a low over the area and set up a transmitter to create high pressure. The imbalance... more
    • I have to wonder if crying wolf too many times is — Sprout, Mon Sep 11 2:19pm
      • What examples of "crying wolf".HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 12 3:32am
        The warnings are not based solely on it being a cat 5 but it's predicted path and many other factors. You're inventing an argument literally nobody would make. "the leadership, and the press, should... more
        • I can confidently say, in addition to what you've said, that they VERY CLEARLY stated, multiple times, that things can change on a DIME and that everything is based on the current pathways, that, as... more
        • It's a "confidence game"PH😵😵EY, Tue Sep 12 8:16am
          The entire weather forecast apparati are in on the weather control scam. That is why a hurried gag order was placed on two public agencies and one department last year. NOAA, the National Weather... more
          • Oh c'mon. That's pure nonsense. (nm)Sia☺giah, Tue Sep 12 7:55pm
            • Not really PH💨💨EY, Thu Sep 14 9:45am
              I suggest confidence game because at the same time these nuts do their experiments, and their reasonings for killing one storm while allowing others to morph, they must keep up the "natural" weather... more
          • Your reply is utterly irrational nonsense.HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 12 4:23pm
            Based on nothing but your fevered imagination. Recall my post over a week prior. Their long range models were very good. I have to assume you do this for the attention. Otherwise, you come off as a... more
            • You are too kind. I mean that🙄PH🐀🐉EY, Tue Sep 12 9:26pm
              And no, I do not recall your post. Raytheon does the national weather long range modeling. Given that that heinous Luciferian workshop is up to its eyeballs in weather control, one might want to at... more
              • Fracking. (nm)Sia☺giah, Tue Sep 12 11:09pm
                • They may go hand in glove.PH🎲🎲EY, Tue Sep 12 11:18pm
                  I have been reading the studies. On the other hand there are discrepancies in the studies that place the increased EQ on injection well practices. Further, if there the fault lines in Oklahoma are... more