Have you ever been to Rock Springs, Wyoming?
Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:49pm

It is an oil town. Booms and busts. When its booming it a wild ass place that will curl your hair. Texas is kinda like that, no respect for the natural order. It's all about money and plundering the earth. Wetlands? We don't need no stinking wetland. I suppose they need more dried up deserts.

  • someone MUST destroy one for some reason, they have to replicate it nearby and that only happens if there's NO special critters or plants living there. I'm talking single homes with that. Huge... more
    • Have you ever been to Rock Springs, Wyoming? — PH👁👁EY, Mon Sep 11 7:49pm
      • Nope. Nowhere near it. (nm)Sia☺giah, Wed Sep 13 2:20am
        • Count your blessings.PH🍻🍻EY, Wed Sep 13 11:59pm
          When I was traveling through that area it was known as an oil boom town. Wild as hell. Crazy. Rip roaring. Happiness was seeing the last of the place in my rear view mirror.