What makes you think that the "stuff"
Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:32am

you are referring to is somehow practical over a large geographic area when dry ice is not?

  • You know that chemical pack that freezes for coolers?PH✈️✈️EY, Tue Sep 12 8:41am
    That stuff ( for want of a more scientific term) can be sprayed by jet aircraft into a hurricane to cool down the temperature. A category 5 can be reduced to a 4 and 3 just by this method. Indeed... more
    • would only increase the intensity of the storm. Given your base claim is absurd, what follows is also more than likely complete fabrication. They have used dry ice for clearing of fog over runways... more
      • No doubt you are a volunteer firefighter!🔥PH🐉🐉EY, Tue Sep 12 9:11pm
        And I suppose a rain storm over a forest fire will inflame the unruly beast? You know the science better than the Navy and Air Force. You know more than NOAA and NASA. My thought is dump enough of... more
        • I don't know why you believe babble is effective.HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 13 1:28am
          You said nothing to counter the simple fact that cooling the TOP of a Hurricane would actually INCREASE it's power. This isn't magic, you can look that up online. They are heat engines. They draw... more
          • Why don't you tuck your tail between your legs PH😜😜EY, Thu Sep 14 9:32am
            and admit you do not know of what you claim you think you know but do not. Hmmmm? The visual evidence is quite clear in the attached 7 minute video of the weather psychopaths hitting Jose to knock it ... more
            • Why would I lie to you?HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 14 3:26pm
              I clearly have a far better grasps of the facts and science than you do with your kooky utterly unscientific and devoid of fact conspiracy claims. You're an insulting ignorant troll. It's your thing... more
              • Did I say that? No!PH🙄🙄EY, Thu Sep 14 10:40pm
                Are you avoiding ignorance about weather manipulation. The subject is not about a lie. The issue is what it is. Deal with it.
          • You believe what you want in your simplistic brain.PH🌪🌪EY, Wed Sep 13 11:55am
            Just take a look at Jose. The techno terrorist decided to destroy it. Same trajectory as Irma. But suddenly it bounces backwards, loses a lot of power, regains, loses it again, heads northeast. Very... more
            • Repeating your nonsese is repeating nonsense.HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 13 7:38pm
              Indeed, your claims matter exactly zero in relation to factual science. I wonder how minds like yours seem to ALWAYS believe there's a conspiracy behind what they (you) don't understand. You might as ... more
              • Yes your Majesty.. PH🐀🐀EY, Wed Sep 13 7:56pm
                Yes, your Emminence, excellency, bwana. Dismissed from court. I understand that you do not understand the evidence by others a lot smarter than your burger flipper pay grade. Good, don't respond. It... more
    • What makes you think that the "stuff" — Sprout, Tue Sep 12 9:32am
      • Operation Cirrus, 1947 (nm)PH🙄🙄EY, Thu Sep 14 9:36am
      • I have read the "stuff" is of less transport volume.PH🙊🙈🙉EY, Tue Sep 12 9:14pm
        And works well for large disbursements. Of course there is nothing about its toxicity to marine life, trees, lakes, and flesh.
        • Yet that "stuff" has nowhere near theSprout, Wed Sep 13 9:45am
          specific heat of dry ice. Look it up.
          • I have no intention of going technical.PH👁👁EY, Wed Sep 13 12:07pm
            And you are not in the same league as those bright lucid Luciferians who work diligently 24/7 for their masters to create techno-terrorism. Do I know what makes dry ice "hot?" Apparently you have... more
            • Specific heat...Sprout, Wed Sep 13 2:08pm
              Specific heat is the amount of heat in calories that are required to increase the temperature of one gram of material by one degree C. Water is quite high at a 1. Most other materials are lower.... more
              • Your efforts to explain are appreciated. PH👹👹EY, Wed Sep 13 3:14pm
                Commendable. But this information is of no use to me though it's interesting. You and others are so busy falling upon your inculcations from high school that you miss the BIG PICTURE. I shall... more