Legit silver lining, I s'pose.
Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:10pm

Nothing like a new bed! =)

While things were nasty up here for a few days, I was personally never in any danger and neither were my properties. Nothing in the fire area (and I don't have breathing issues, asthma, etc...the smoke was seriously bad for a while). The natural disaster I fear up here is an earthquake. Apparently we're way, way overdue, and there's a lot of tension in the fault that runs right through NW Portland. =(

Man...over 6 feet in the house. My heart (such as it is) goes out to them.

  • Yeah... I'm OK...Sprout, Mon Sep 11 4:00pm
    Had to move a bunch of my stuff so that the drywall and kitchen can be gutted... And I'm helping gut my friends house who got a couple of feet of water as opposed to my couple of inches. I have a... more
    • Legit silver lining, I s'pose. — Poppet, Tue Sep 12 1:10pm
      • Locked faults....Sprout, Tue Sep 12 5:28pm
        From the (limited) reading I have done on the topic, it appears there are a number of faults along the west coast of the US that are believed to be long overdue for movement. Apparently some... more
        • I have a handful of residential properties in Portland, and I'd been living in one in a neighborhood called King's Heights. As the name might imply, it's known for hillside views (and some really... more
          • We all have our potential druthers.PH🔥🔥EY, Tue Sep 12 9:41pm
            I live in a forest. On top of a ridge (4,000) feet. The last time it burned was in '29'. An old timer described it to me. Basically I reside on my potential funeral pyre given the "right" conditions. ... more