Locked faults....
Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:28pm

From the (limited) reading I have done on the topic, it appears there are a number of faults along the west coast of the US that are believed to be long overdue for movement. Apparently some seismologists are concerned that this delay is going to result in extremely intense earthquakes when they do finally break loose. I think the challenge is that it could occur tomorrow, or it could occur in 'only' a few hundred years.

From one article I read, while the San Andreas is the fault that gets the most press, apparently it is nowhere near the fault that represents the greatest threat.

  • Legit silver lining, I s'pose.Poppet, Tue Sep 12 1:10pm
    Nothing like a new bed! =) While things were nasty up here for a few days, I was personally never in any danger and neither were my properties. Nothing in the fire area (and I don't have breathing... more
    • Locked faults.... — Sprout, Tue Sep 12 5:28pm
      • I have a handful of residential properties in Portland, and I'd been living in one in a neighborhood called King's Heights. As the name might imply, it's known for hillside views (and some really... more
        • We all have our potential druthers.PH🔥🔥EY, Tue Sep 12 9:41pm
          I live in a forest. On top of a ridge (4,000) feet. The last time it burned was in '29'. An old timer described it to me. Basically I reside on my potential funeral pyre given the "right" conditions. ... more