You are too kind. I mean that🙄
Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:26pm

And no, I do not recall your post. Raytheon does the national weather long range modeling. Given that that heinous Luciferian workshop is up to its eyeballs in weather control, one might want to at least have one eye open. Further the entire NEXRAD system is not civilian owned but is owned and maintained by the Pentagon/ Defense Department. They are up to their eyeball in weather warfare research. Raytheon and the Pentagon are Siamese Twins joined at the hip. Much of the current research on updating the technology is conducted at the a University of Oklahoma at Norman. There too is a center for back engineering earthquakes. Gosh, is it surprising that Oklahoma is now earthquake country with Oklahima City and Norman areas being the greatest numbers of quakes. I mean if one is going to create then one has to experiment. That includes weather as well. Catch up to speed, become more irrational than you already are.

  • Your reply is utterly irrational nonsense.HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 12 4:23pm
    Based on nothing but your fevered imagination. Recall my post over a week prior. Their long range models were very good. I have to assume you do this for the attention. Otherwise, you come off as a... more
    • You are too kind. I mean that🙄 — PH🐀🐉EY, Tue Sep 12 9:26pm
      • Fracking. (nm)Sia☺giah, Tue Sep 12 11:09pm
        • They may go hand in glove.PH🎲🎲EY, Tue Sep 12 11:18pm
          I have been reading the studies. On the other hand there are discrepancies in the studies that place the increased EQ on injection well practices. Further, if there the fault lines in Oklahoma are... more