You can always send in a request
Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:05pm

to Raytheon (ray of God). Just watch the highs and lows. Suggest they move that over here. And this over there. Defect the storm, push it a hard right. Look up Hurricane Erin off of NYC on 9-11. My my but that could have been a big inconvenience. I do not recall at that time such hype and hysteria over Erin which was headed on a path to hit that NYC area. What I have seen are the videos showing the west northwest movement, when suddenly it did a sharp right to the east and another left push to the north. Problem solved. It was done using high pressure from the west. In screen shots on 9-11 one can see out to the east the edge of Erin.

  • Models are already saying another Cat 4Jeeves, Thu Aug 31 3:25pm
    It's already a category 2. Irma has moved somewhat south of and slower than all of the model guidance since yesterday. Consequently,... more
    • You can always send in a request — PH🐉🐉EY, Tue Sep 12 10:05pm