Yet that "stuff" has nowhere near the
Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:45am

specific heat of dry ice. Look it up.

  • I have read the "stuff" is of less transport volume.PH🙊🙈🙉EY, Tue Sep 12 9:14pm
    And works well for large disbursements. Of course there is nothing about its toxicity to marine life, trees, lakes, and flesh.
    • Yet that "stuff" has nowhere near the — Sprout, Wed Sep 13 9:45am
      • I have no intention of going technical.PH👁👁EY, Wed Sep 13 12:07pm
        And you are not in the same league as those bright lucid Luciferians who work diligently 24/7 for their masters to create techno-terrorism. Do I know what makes dry ice "hot?" Apparently you have... more
        • Specific heat...Sprout, Wed Sep 13 2:08pm
          Specific heat is the amount of heat in calories that are required to increase the temperature of one gram of material by one degree C. Water is quite high at a 1. Most other materials are lower.... more
          • Your efforts to explain are appreciated. PH👹👹EY, Wed Sep 13 3:14pm
            Commendable. But this information is of no use to me though it's interesting. You and others are so busy falling upon your inculcations from high school that you miss the BIG PICTURE. I shall... more