Lovely. And I cannot afford to cry.
Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:29am

If I did it would wash away my mountain. The victims, the families, a betrayed nation, the coup plotters, the MSM government lies. My view is there were no telephone calls. Another lie. Flight 93 was hit with a missle by a pursuing jet leaving a trail of luggage 8 miles long. Eyewitnesses including the mayor saw the pursuing jet and saw the hit. It is speculated 93 was intended to strike building 7. It was "wired" like the Twins. But plans go awry. Therefore the coup plotters had to "pull it."

  • Face valuePikes, Wed Sep 13 11:06am
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    • Lovely. And I cannot afford to cry. — PH🗽✈️EY, Wed Sep 13 11:29am