Not true. You are not interested.
Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:38am

But no amount of denial, pretense, nor failure to do proper research will change the NYPD records of arrests and log reports. Nor will actual news accounts of those arrest be disappeared. The five to whom you refer are the so-called "dancing Israelis." You can easily search out the Israeli TV video where three are being interviewed. The state in plain English or Hebrew, I can't recall, that they were assigned to film the attack. Hello!! Mossad agents everyone of them. Did you read PNAC? 9-11 was a coup done in plain sight of a TV audience that hung onto every word uttered by the MSM. And that verbage was the official lie. Israel did it and there is no way around that truth except to ignore the evidence. It's a classic con. Wake up.

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