Want to play a game?
Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:30pm

I was looking at the FRIENDS pic at the top of the page. You know how it is... we have a mental image of how a person physically looks when we correspond blind folded. The image is a nice selection of body types and facial looks and dress style. Actually other types not represented would be better but one can double up on each and any. For instance, Siagiah is the blond babe with the nice legs. But maybe Poppet comes across as the same, to someone. No one should take umbrage if the selected image does not fit you. It's all a best guess based on the written word, inflections, message intonetions. Which one are YOU?? What do you look like in the mind of others.

    • I one of the extras sitting in a booth off to the leftEx-News Junkie, Sat Sep 16 11:26pm
      I've been a customer longer than any of the main characters, but nobody cares - which is great and fits my game: To be completely self-absorbed and unnoticed while I develop my master plan to seize... more
    • Some Pikes, Thu Sep 14 11:59am
      may see me as Crane. Others may say I remind them of Cliff. A few might think George. I rarely watched the show. There was little I saw to draw me in, or keep me. I saw enough episodes to recognize... more
      • Ha ha 😀😜. Love it. Great descriptions!!PH🙃😛EY, Thu Sep 14 2:38pm
        Oh, I have done it all. That bar is more like a church social relative to some of my wild ass days of drinking and carousing. Never did drugs except a couple of pot puffs back in 1965. I would crawl... more
      • everyone knows your name. Years back, AayJay had found a cool little pix of a rowdy bar with armed men and bawdy women that was up top to signify 'lively, heated discussions and random characters' A... more
        • Would you mind giving me the character names PH😃🙃EY, Thu Sep 14 2:45pm
          beginning with the front row left to right and same for back row left to right. I never watched Friends.
          • It's CHEERS. FRIENDS was a different show.Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 15 12:47pm
            CHEERS: In the photo from left bottom CHARACTER names: Cliff Claven, ??? No clue, Rebecca Howe, Diane Chambers, Norm Peterson, BACK ROW from left: Sam Malone, Carla, Woody Boyd, Frasier Crane. I... more
            • Oh, that IS Woody Harrelson.PH👀EY, Sun Sep 17 9:16am
              I take back looking like him. The image of them together, he looks different than he looks. That leaves me with no one in the group as a lookalike. Starsky and Hutch. Whichever one was the blond,... more
    • ...I'm a small, slight woman with very pale skin, short (dyed) black hair in a "bob," an aquiline nose, and really big eyes. Think of a cross between Buttercup from the Power Puff Girls and Miss... more
      • face make up, so I believe that most of us do have an idea as to what you look like. I didn't see "plain" or your usual description ="homely" at all. I saw GIGANTIC EYES on a cute little face and a... more
        • ...are wonderful things! =P But thank you so much for your kind words. <3
          • :-) (nm)Sia☺giah, Sat Sep 16 10:03am
        • I believePikes, Thu Sep 14 9:44pm
          Poppet is an alien, abducted from a flight over the Bermuda Triangle, recovered in a hostage exchange that took place on Devil's Tower in July 1979, and spent the next 37 years in interrogation at... more
    • As my husband always tells me that, it's why I know that's a good fit. (chuckle) I'm Swedish and naturally blond with green eyes. Small in height and frame... about her size... So, which one are you? ... more
      • No, that's Hemi. PH💪💪EY, Wed Sep 13 11:41pm
        I am back row second from the right. We could be fraternal twins. Poppet is to my left.
        • Woody Harrelson type?Sia☺giah, Thu Sep 14 2:29am
          He's got significantly less hair nowadays. LOL. I didn't know what to expect. Obviously, I "expected" wrong.
          • I don't see the "Harrelson" look butPH🍻🍻EY, Thu Sep 14 7:06am
            at my age I do have way less fur. Anyway I can see you are kind to play but it's not going to stimulate the high IQs on this BBS😀. I hope your dad is doing better this morning.
    • No one wants to play? (nm)PH😃😃EY, Wed Sep 13 8:03pm