So, it's been quite the CRAPPY day today.
Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:56pm

First, my Dad was just diagnosed with walking pneumonia. He's been here for 3 weeks and kept getting more and more congested in spite of my taking him to see the doctor and getting meds to help him NOT get pneumonia from the head cold he caught from a family member who brought it with her when she came to see him. By last night, he sounded SO horrible when breathing as he was snoozing for afternoon nap that we had to take him to urgent care walk in for X-rays. Sure enough, Mycoplasma pneumonia. We canceled his return tickets for this Friday and rebooked for the end of next week. Thankfully, it's not worse and hopefully, it won't get worse. Where he lives, they still have no landline phones, power is sketchy, food & gas are becoming more and more scarce, hospitals are turning people away, doctors offices and businesses are closed all over and many roads are still impassible. I already nursed him through another serious bout with an intestinal flu where he was SO ill that he couldn't even stand up. My husband had to carry him to his bed one night. Happily, that passed after about 4 days. I believe that he arrived here with that bug. But, now he's come down with the early pneumonia. So, given that, I suppose that maybe it's a blessing that he's a bit too sick to travel right now. If we hadn't convinced him to come home after he lost his lady friend, he'd have been down there for the hurricane AND very sick.

Second, my sweet mother-in-law was found dead in her home tonight. She'd been living with an aortic aneurysm for more than a year now. Well, it burst tonight. My husband raced down there in under an hour (major speeding involved) and found her dead after she failed to answer the phone for over an hour earlier tonight. Alarmed, he called his niece who lives close to her to go check. She found lights and TV on with her doors locked but no response. She tried to get in to check on her after he'd called her to go over and he told her to call the police to break the door down as he raced down there too. It was too late. :-(

At least it was QUICK and she didn't know it had finally burst when it happened. Now the emotional cleanup and aftermath...

:-( :-( :-(

I'm more'n'a bit tired of making lemonade lately.

    • Hoping for a rapid turnaround in fortune!Poppet, Thu Sep 14 9:05am
      My condolences, and wishing for your pops to recover quickly. Gotta agree: damned hard to find the lemonade in all that.
      • Thank you. There's lemonade in Dad's situation butSia☺giah, Thu Sep 14 8:56pm
        nothing positive in MiL's. She was an amazing woman. 87 years old. Still volunteering to use her RN talents every Wednesday at a local cancer center where she cared for patients during their... more
    • Do you have adequate help?Pikes, Thu Sep 14 2:14am
      Your family seems like they're there when needed. But holes and needs still happen. Cbogom
    • Sorry you are having a bummer or three.PH👁👁EY, Wed Sep 13 11:54pm
      Sorry about your dad's physical problems. How old is he. You said his age I think but I don't recall. I had that walking pneumonia for five years before it was diagnosed. I know something was not... more
      • He turned 98 in August. Sia☺giah, Thu Sep 14 12:50am
        He's very healthy but has gotten a bit wobbly in this last year after a serious car accident last October where some dingbat girl texting & driving slammed into him head on, totaling both cars. He... more
        • Best wishes Sia.Robert, Thu Sep 14 7:44am
          If my experience is any guide, your approaching Grammyism will be a wonderful life changing event that can only be explained by experiencing it. I hope they are nearby so you can see them often. I... more
        • Not to be clinical butPH🙏🏽🙏🏽EY, Thu Sep 14 7:26am
          if the aorta is inside, why is there a mess? Yeah, it's really become Russian roulette out on the highway. You just don't know what might swerve into your lanes. Drunks are still a mitigated problem... more
          • SHE was the mess. Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 15 11:40am
            The aneurysm bursts and, immediately, blood fills the abdominal cavity, the heart stops beating, but NOT immediately, and since she was sitting upright, all the blood in her upper extremity rushes... more
            • Horrible!PH😒😒EY, Sat Sep 16 9:37am
              Had no idea this is a result from the affliction. May we all drop dead on a dime. And thank you for telling me. I realize in some circles the question is considered in bad taste. But given you are a... more