He turned 98 in August.
Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:50am

He's very healthy but has gotten a bit wobbly in this last year after a serious car accident last October where some dingbat girl texting & driving slammed into him head on, totaling both cars. He had a significant head injury requiring staples to close but his lady friend was very seriously injured, requiring a hip replacement and steel rods in both of her legs to stabilize the bones. She was in hospital for 8 months, losing considerable weight, stamina, and 3 bouts of pneumonia. She finally got out of the hospital approximately 4 months ago and she just died last month from additional complications from all those surgeries and injuries that weakened her and caused multiple blood clots, one of which broke off and traveled to her heart, causing a heart attack that she just couldn't recover from. Pneumonia set in again and she was gone in a flash. She was 94.

FIVE YEARS? Are you sure that wasn't pleurisy? Walking pneumonia is bacterial and it progresses rapidly. It's Mycoplasma pneumonia. Bacterial pneumonia doesn't sit idly festering for 5 years. However, pleurisy can.

Her aortic aneurysm was in her belly. It can be anywhere along the aorta. In the heart, belly, or somewhere along the path. Hers was enormous by the time docs decided to take a look at it to see if it could be surgically repaired. Way too late. Oddly enough, she was a retired RN and very familiar with such things. She thought they should take a look at it earlier but doc kept saying it was "fine". It wasn't fine. It was HUGE. She stopped by to see my Dad just 4 days ago. She looked wonderful. She was energetic, cute as a button, and really sweet. It was so deceiving HOW good she looked. My siblings were shocked to see how good she looked knowing how seriously ill she was. She'd called my husband tonight on his way home about something he is dealing with that she was concerned about. He was in heavy traffic near Boston on his way home to NH so said he'd call her back. He called her within an hour and there was no answer. She died in that hour's time. Police established that there was no foul play and released her body to the funeral home within an hour of discovering her since her medical condition was known and all the evidence at the scene made it obvious what had happened. He prevented his two nieces from coming inside the house to protect them from a horrible memory of her. Thankful for "small favors".

My Dad lives on the Gulf coast in Citrus County. The took a direct hit and the entire area is a flood prone due to the Homosassa River that goes miles inland, bringing the ocean that much further in. That's where the manatees live.

On the upside, pretty sure that mid to late spring 2018 you'll all be able to call me "Grammy"... Of course, I'm THRILLED. Just hoping everything goes well for my daughter & son in law. There's my silver lining!

  • Sorry you are having a bummer or three.PH👁👁EY, Wed Sep 13 11:54pm
    Sorry about your dad's physical problems. How old is he. You said his age I think but I don't recall. I had that walking pneumonia for five years before it was diagnosed. I know something was not... more
    • He turned 98 in August. — Sia☺giah, Thu Sep 14 12:50am
      • Best wishes Sia.Robert, Thu Sep 14 7:44am
        If my experience is any guide, your approaching Grammyism will be a wonderful life changing event that can only be explained by experiencing it. I hope they are nearby so you can see them often. I... more
      • Not to be clinical butPH🙏🏽🙏🏽EY, Thu Sep 14 7:26am
        if the aorta is inside, why is there a mess? Yeah, it's really become Russian roulette out on the highway. You just don't know what might swerve into your lanes. Drunks are still a mitigated problem... more
        • SHE was the mess. Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 15 11:40am
          The aneurysm bursts and, immediately, blood fills the abdominal cavity, the heart stops beating, but NOT immediately, and since she was sitting upright, all the blood in her upper extremity rushes... more
          • Horrible!PH😒😒EY, Sat Sep 16 9:37am
            Had no idea this is a result from the affliction. May we all drop dead on a dime. And thank you for telling me. I realize in some circles the question is considered in bad taste. But given you are a... more