Not to be clinical but
Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:26am

if the aorta is inside, why is there a mess? Yeah, it's really become Russian roulette out on the highway. You just don't know what might swerve into your lanes. Drunks are still a mitigated problem but add to that idiots who genuflect to every beep and wail on their addicting cell phone. My ringer in on, but I turned off the beeps for incoming texts. Regarding my pneumonia, that is the term the doctor used. I did not enquire as to what type. But, I jogged every day for 20 years. And have always been physically active. Perhaps that is why I could live with it for so long. It was another health issue, gall bladder, whereby they discovered the lung problem via X Ray. But misdiagnosed the gall bladder situation. That was finally resolved a year later with another four days in the hospital, followed up by laparoscopic surgery. Currently I am avoiding doctors and hospitals though my insurance is full coverage. It's just that my location is so rural. Getting in and out of here is not as easy due to aging. And my philosophy is morphing about life, death, time, and whether it's right to spend huge amounts to repair an aging body. Yes, if we could remain at 20 and live forever....... but that is not the way nor our choice.

  • He turned 98 in August. Sia☺giah, Thu Sep 14 12:50am
    He's very healthy but has gotten a bit wobbly in this last year after a serious car accident last October where some dingbat girl texting & driving slammed into him head on, totaling both cars. He... more
    • Best wishes Sia.Robert, Thu Sep 14 7:44am
      If my experience is any guide, your approaching Grammyism will be a wonderful life changing event that can only be explained by experiencing it. I hope they are nearby so you can see them often. I... more
    • Not to be clinical but — PH🙏🏽🙏🏽EY, Thu Sep 14 7:26am
      • SHE was the mess. Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 15 11:40am
        The aneurysm bursts and, immediately, blood fills the abdominal cavity, the heart stops beating, but NOT immediately, and since she was sitting upright, all the blood in her upper extremity rushes... more
        • Horrible!PH😒😒EY, Sat Sep 16 9:37am
          Had no idea this is a result from the affliction. May we all drop dead on a dime. And thank you for telling me. I realize in some circles the question is considered in bad taste. But given you are a... more