I've no idea what people think I look like, but...
Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:11am

...I'm a small, slight woman with very pale skin, short (dyed) black hair in a "bob," an aquiline nose, and really big eyes. Think of a cross between Buttercup from the Power Puff Girls and Miss Fischer (although I'm quite plain in comparison to the latter). I seldom wear any color other than black, although these days it's more Anna Sui than Hot Topic.

  • Want to play a game?PH🙃🙃EY, Wed Sep 13 3:30pm
    I was looking at the FRIENDS pic at the top of the page. You know how it is... we have a mental image of how a person physically looks when we correspond blind folded. The image is a nice selection... more
    • I one of the extras sitting in a booth off to the leftEx-News Junkie, Sat Sep 16 11:26pm
      I've been a customer longer than any of the main characters, but nobody cares - which is great and fits my game: To be completely self-absorbed and unnoticed while I develop my master plan to seize... more
    • Some Pikes, Thu Sep 14 11:59am
      may see me as Crane. Others may say I remind them of Cliff. A few might think George. I rarely watched the show. There was little I saw to draw me in, or keep me. I saw enough episodes to recognize... more
      • Ha ha 😀😜. Love it. Great descriptions!!PH🙃😛EY, Thu Sep 14 2:38pm
        Oh, I have done it all. That bar is more like a church social relative to some of my wild ass days of drinking and carousing. Never did drugs except a couple of pot puffs back in 1965. I would crawl... more
      • everyone knows your name. Years back, AayJay had found a cool little pix of a rowdy bar with armed men and bawdy women that was up top to signify 'lively, heated discussions and random characters' A... more
        • Would you mind giving me the character names PH😃🙃EY, Thu Sep 14 2:45pm
          beginning with the front row left to right and same for back row left to right. I never watched Friends.
          • It's CHEERS. FRIENDS was a different show.Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 15 12:47pm
            CHEERS: In the photo from left bottom CHARACTER names: Cliff Claven, ??? No clue, Rebecca Howe, Diane Chambers, Norm Peterson, BACK ROW from left: Sam Malone, Carla, Woody Boyd, Frasier Crane. I... more
            • Oh, that IS Woody Harrelson.PH👀EY, Sun Sep 17 9:16am
              I take back looking like him. The image of them together, he looks different than he looks. That leaves me with no one in the group as a lookalike. Starsky and Hutch. Whichever one was the blond,... more
    • I've no idea what people think I look like, but... — Poppet, Thu Sep 14 9:11am
      • face make up, so I believe that most of us do have an idea as to what you look like. I didn't see "plain" or your usual description ="homely" at all. I saw GIGANTIC EYES on a cute little face and a... more
        • ...are wonderful things! =P But thank you so much for your kind words. <3
          • :-) (nm)Sia☺giah, Sat Sep 16 10:03am
        • I believePikes, Thu Sep 14 9:44pm
          Poppet is an alien, abducted from a flight over the Bermuda Triangle, recovered in a hostage exchange that took place on Devil's Tower in July 1979, and spent the next 37 years in interrogation at... more
    • As my husband always tells me that, it's why I know that's a good fit. (chuckle) I'm Swedish and naturally blond with green eyes. Small in height and frame... about her size... So, which one are you? ... more
      • No, that's Hemi. PH💪💪EY, Wed Sep 13 11:41pm
        I am back row second from the right. We could be fraternal twins. Poppet is to my left.
        • Woody Harrelson type?Sia☺giah, Thu Sep 14 2:29am
          He's got significantly less hair nowadays. LOL. I didn't know what to expect. Obviously, I "expected" wrong.
          • I don't see the "Harrelson" look butPH🍻🍻EY, Thu Sep 14 7:06am
            at my age I do have way less fur. Anyway I can see you are kind to play but it's not going to stimulate the high IQs on this BBS😀. I hope your dad is doing better this morning.