The same forces that orchestrated
Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:11pm

9-11 have been purging Dtate Department and Pentagon drags on their plans since 9-11. Those who would not go along with attacking Iraq, or any of the other chaos and remapping targets were isolated, made inconsequential, or retired. The goal has always been Iran, though tactics are now to go after Iran's good buddy Russia. Can you say STUPID!? Flynn was onto them. They have been seeking his ouster and checkmating for quite some time. Fully one half of the NSC are Zionist Neocons. The evil intrigue is palatable. You would not subscribe to this notion because you are a haughty imperious moron.

  • What does you being a '9/11 Truther' have..HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 14 11:59am
    to do with Flynn beimg a traitor. You're a goofball worthy of pity. This has to be an act it is so blatantly stupid.
    • The same forces that orchestrated — PH🐀🐀EY, Thu Sep 14 2:11pm
      • 15 years ago Flynn was a mid level assisstant.HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 14 2:19pm
        As per usual, your claims are absurd and based on your fevered imagination. Surely, you have something more interesting, than the same boring act over and over.
        • What were you 15 years ago?PH🐀🐀EY , Thu Sep 14 2:52pm
          I stand by my assessment for why he has been under attack. It's really not about hating Trump from the ZioNeocons perspective. He or Hillary will do so long as they genuflect. Granted it seems they... more