Ha ha 😀😜. Love it. Great descriptions!!
Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:38pm

Oh, I have done it all. That bar is more like a church social relative to some of my wild ass days of drinking and carousing. Never did drugs except a couple of pot puffs back in 1965. I would crawl out my bedroom window at 17, take my shoes off to not wake up the dog, walk a quarter mile on a dirt road to meet high school friends who had a car. And away we would go into Richmond's funky late hours night life. But during the day light my persona was back to the sweet pretty blond kid. To this day no one knows of my many escapades. I led at least two lives:-)). Maybe three, but we'll skip that Chapter. But most everything you describe as boring, after age 30 can well do without. My ranch/ farm is my "music." It's well cared for though I am damn near worn out from so much to do all the time. Crapense, now there is a name. The names of the Characters on Are You Being Served seemed appropriate. Recently someone gave me a box of deer antler "racks." There is a big buck competition coming up soon. Hunting season 👎🏼👎🏼. The biggest wins a rifle from the store that sells rifles and ammo. I should spray one of my racks I am thinking if some perverse concept to note disdain for hunters and Fish and Wildlife. A thought as food for thought. Thanks for the input.

  • Some Pikes, Thu Sep 14 11:59am
    may see me as Crane. Others may say I remind them of Cliff. A few might think George. I rarely watched the show. There was little I saw to draw me in, or keep me. I saw enough episodes to recognize... more
    • Ha ha 😀😜. Love it. Great descriptions!! — PH🙃😛EY, Thu Sep 14 2:38pm
    • everyone knows your name. Years back, AayJay had found a cool little pix of a rowdy bar with armed men and bawdy women that was up top to signify 'lively, heated discussions and random characters' A... more
      • Would you mind giving me the character names PH😃🙃EY, Thu Sep 14 2:45pm
        beginning with the front row left to right and same for back row left to right. I never watched Friends.
        • It's CHEERS. FRIENDS was a different show.Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 15 12:47pm
          CHEERS: In the photo from left bottom CHARACTER names: Cliff Claven, ??? No clue, Rebecca Howe, Diane Chambers, Norm Peterson, BACK ROW from left: Sam Malone, Carla, Woody Boyd, Frasier Crane. I... more
          • Oh, that IS Woody Harrelson.PH👀EY, Sun Sep 17 9:16am
            I take back looking like him. The image of them together, he looks different than he looks. That leaves me with no one in the group as a lookalike. Starsky and Hutch. Whichever one was the blond,... more