I believe
Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:44pm

Poppet is an alien, abducted from a flight over the Bermuda Triangle, recovered in a hostage exchange that took place on Devil's Tower in July 1979, and spent the next 37 years in interrogation at Area 51. The fact she appears not to have aged at all doesn't only prove Einstein was right. It proves he was probably one too. When offered a furlough at Studio 54 in 1962, she formed an opinion of studio loser Donald J Trump that persists to this day. Discrepancies in this report are due to a misunderestimated Congressional fact finding committee bogged down in a report allegedly to begin with "Quantum mechanics..." when in need of a footnote and definition, nobody could find it anywhere in the K section. Poppet's left index finger has a higher IQ than anyone currently working in Senate Intelligence.

courtesy Thisdesignup @ Deviantart