SHE was the mess.
Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:40am

The aneurysm bursts and, immediately, blood fills the abdominal cavity, the heart stops beating, but NOT immediately, and since she was sitting upright, all the blood in her upper extremity rushes downward and continues to fill her belly, causing an enormous bulge in her mid-section, grossly visible through her nightclothes. The backflow pushes some blood out the mouth a/o eyes a/o nose and, as the bowels release upon death, that plus excess blood rushes out because of the pressure from the force of the blood into the abdomen while the heart was still beating. When it's all said and done, her face is deathly white and contorted in pain. Her stomach has an enormous lump of internal blood protruding, she's sitting in blood and other "stuff". An internal blood burst doesn't explode the body or fill the ROOM with blood as you likely imagined me to be saying. But it IS a mess that a FAMILY doesn't want to see and remember.

I hope that explains what you wanted to know?

  • Not to be clinical butPH🙏🏽🙏🏽EY, Thu Sep 14 7:26am
    if the aorta is inside, why is there a mess? Yeah, it's really become Russian roulette out on the highway. You just don't know what might swerve into your lanes. Drunks are still a mitigated problem... more
    • SHE was the mess. — Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 15 11:40am
      • Horrible!PH😒😒EY, Sat Sep 16 9:37am
        Had no idea this is a result from the affliction. May we all drop dead on a dime. And thank you for telling me. I realize in some circles the question is considered in bad taste. But given you are a... more