I've no idea what you're babbling about.
Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:30pm

The topic is the White House explicitly advocating for a private citizen to be fired for criticizing the President. Celebrity status has zero do with it. Your replies are bizarre, though I guess when you're cornered into defending the indefensible (IMO of course)...
I truly marvel that you believe your replies in this thread present you in a positive light.

  • Should? Or could? Think on it.Sprout, Fri Sep 15 2:57pm
    Nah... I've never been one to fawn over celebrities... Nor did I get spooled up about Michele Obama's outfits like your peers did over the shoes the first lady wore to the plane. But I guess when you ... more
    • I've no idea what you're babbling about. — HeavyHemi, Fri Sep 15 3:30pm
      • He ought to be fired!PH🌚🌚EY, Sun Sep 17 8:59am
        For lying. And while you dwell on " private," the fact is this racist sportscaster is a public persona with influence in the world of jock straps and itch. He should stick with his profession and... more
        • or only CERTAIN opinions not being legally protected? Keep in mind, it's the GOVERNMENT suggesting he be fired for expressing his OPINION, not the general population exercising its right to an... more
          • The category is hate speech.PH👀EY, Sun Sep 17 4:31pm
            He can say what he wants. But it's outside of his job description, a vaunted position for which he has taken advantage to spew an untruth. I think he should be canned. If football players are going... more
      • Did they? Interesting perspective. (nm)Sprout, Fri Sep 15 3:34pm
        • yet fail to inform yourself prior to entering a discussion. Not once, but several times. It's in interesting perspective you believe that paints you in a positive light. Since you're going to... more
          • Is this thread for flippin' REAL?Sia☺giah, Sun Sep 17 12:09am
            It was abundantly OBVIOUS what the topic of discussion was -- The WHITE HOUSE spokesman suggested that ESPN should FIRE their employee for criticizing the POTUS. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with... more