Cassini ends
Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:52pm

Chladni Resonances of Saturn

Not elevator music. Real space music.

Is music the nothing from which the universe sprang?

I believe music produces patterns in the strings, branes, particles, atoms and molecules of matter, including the atmosphere we breathe, that are as beautiful to see as they are to hear; only we can't normally see them. The beauty of mathematics and science is those disciplines gives people a chance to actually see the intricate beauty of music- a step beyond mere listening, taking the music traveler into immersion.

Ernst Chladni described and demonstrated a way to hint at the delicate, beautiful, intricate crystalline patterns in which all harmony immerses us, using crystals of salt on a plane, responding to frequency vibrations. As pitch changes, so do the sodium chloride crystals, and on certain pitches it takes on beautiful geometric patterns. We can literally at the moment, see what the sound looks like in salt!

When I first heard the recorded sound of Saturn's resonance from Cassini, I am certain the planet's mass, gravity, rotational velocity and magnetic field are responsible for the beautiful geometric patterns that appear in the ice crystals, visible in the system of Saturn's rings. Saturn in essence, provides us with a visual image of what music looks like.

The music was composed using Saturn's set of pitch resonances with nine specific fundamentals and partials generated electronically as if from a celestial Chladni tone generator, which I believe Saturn to be. The sounds are sine, square, and triangle waves that would be produced by an instrument composed of Saturn's elements, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and many trace organic molecules of hydrocarbons, like ethane and methane, acrylonitrile, and a carbon core (diamond!)

If it was "broadcast" across Saturn, and we could be there on the planet to watch, humans would see an incredible show of delicate geometric Chladni patterns appearing, changing, developing and growing in its rings.

The "pitch set" is tuned using an Alcubierre function. So not only do we see the visual of music in the image of the planet, but we also hear the function of the mathematics in the music. God, Whoever He is, is there.

Today, Cassini's mission ended with this: