He's just trolling for my attention.
Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:43pm

How else to explain the numerous panic posts spewing an opposing view even if it is off topic.

  • WHO do you think Ms Sanders is? SPOKESMAN for the WHSia☺giah, Sun Sep 17 12:11pm
    So, YES, that's precisely what she did. What she says while in the performance of her WH Spokesman job IS speaking for the WH & tRUMP's positions
    • Okay, so fire him. PH👻👻EY, Sun Sep 17 4:25pm
      It was a racist remark. No doubt this football beaten brain wants to remove the Confederate statues, too. I think her remark was spot on.
      • racism. Besides, the remarks made by the black man about tRUMP were NOT RACISM nor were they HATE SPEECH. They were an opinion on tRUMP's behavior and words. NOT on "whites" in general, which they'd... more
    • He's just trolling for my attention. — HeavyHemi, Sun Sep 17 12:43pm