I want all undocumented illegal immigrants
Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:49pm

to go back to their own nations. Line up and apply for legal immigration. I thought you said I want your attention. Then you say you want my attention. You can't have it both ways. Trump is a doofus. He is out of his league, has allowed Zionists and the Pentagrsm to take over the White House. However, he is the legal lawful Constitutional duly elected leader. Please get over your loss. Seek counseling.

  • attacks on a Hispanic judge. You're so desperate for my attention you defend lying and racism. This is not going to end well for you. Stop bothering me with your idiocy. Your attention is not wanted.
    • I want all undocumented illegal immigrants — PH👻👻EY, Sun Sep 17 4:49pm