I thought you have a generator? NO electricity at all?
Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:07pm

Well, if you're putting in another roof, use bitothane (sp?) under the shingles or steel to prevent ice buildup from even beginning. We'd have put it up the ENTIRE span of roof instead of up only 12 feet to where the skylights begin. That high we mistakenly believed would prevent the ice buildup. It WOULD have as it did throughout the rest of the roof expanse on other sections of the house, but the skylights above the wood stove is the reason why the ice builds up above the bitothane and then, the obvious "weak spot" is the connection area where the skylights meet the roof boards. We have 50 year roofing and it's not damaged whatsoever, nor is the plywood as we used high quality plywood throughout the house when we built it, none of that pressed board crap that soaks up water and degrades anywhere. So, nothing to give but the metal sheeting that protects the corners of the skylights to roof section.

The design of the house called for the weirdest, most complicated roof sections imaginable. The house is 97 feet long by 55 feet wide and each major section of the house design has different angles and heights. It is a highly contemporary design by a NY architect. We do love it though it was a nightmare to build and took nearly a year.

The 30 foot height section referenced is the only section with 3 stories height. Most of the rest of the house is 2 stories. There are 3 gigantic palladium windows in sections open to 20 feet in height. Hard to explain without seeing the actual plans.

  • Thank you for your suggestions.PH👀EY, Sun Sep 17 4:39pm
    And with 30 foot ceiling, that IS a great room. My "great room" is 20. And it feels like a barn. I cannot imagine another ten feet. You forget I have no wiring here. House roof is rated R33. Walls... more
    • I thought you have a generator? NO electricity at all? — Sia☺giah, Sun Sep 17 5:07pm
      • Yes, a generator.PH☃☃EY, Mon Sep 18 7:49am
        A Honda 1,000. I use it for music and movies, and when required a couple of lamps. My living room is 20x36. At this early darkened hour my light is three candles. As winter comes on I will switch... more
        • it powers up about half of the house in a power outage. The major systems: heat, well water pump, laundry room, overhead fans, entire kitchen, only one full bath (others are dark, lit with battery... more
          • I cannot tolerate noise for very long.PH👀EY, Mon Sep 18 8:38pm
            But this little generator is so quiet. And no need for a behemoth. I have two 1000s, one 2,000, and a Homelite 2500 (noisy). But I only use the 1000. It is way more than enough to operate my lights,... more
          • a factor, we have a setup we use for austere environment work that includes a couple of 60kw generators for power made by a company called WhisperWatt. Even those big diesel 60KW units are so quiet... more
            • Yes, thank you for the info.PH👀EY, Sun Sep 24 8:33pm
              But without any wiring, there is no way..... My little Honda is so quiet I forget it is running.
              • some very quiet small generators. They seem to be gaining a significant market share as power packs installed in semi-trucks to reduce the cost of idling to run air conditioners and such.... I don't... more
                • The little 1,000 is an amazingPH👍🏿👍🏿EY, Wed Sep 27 8:57am
                  little machine. All I do is change the oil and add fuel. It just keeps on giving. It runs my kitchen lamp, my two living room lamps, my stereo and TV/tuner. Mostly though it is not used except in the ... more
            • and trucks are LOUDER. I'm not big on mechanics, so don't know why or how diesel tends to be such loud motors but find that amazing they've created a diesel generator that is super quiet. Well worth... more
              • Yes... most heavy equipment runs on diesel...Sprout, Tue Sep 19 9:20am
                But diesel technology has come a long way. I suspect it is a matter of balancing power to weight in various applications... Volkswagon made some small diesel sedans that were impressively quiet. A... more