Flat roofs
Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:00am

Oh, well you have educated me about the purpose for a flat roof. I had assumed it was flat for cheaper construction in areas of less rain and very little if any snow. Getting in a. Out of here is treacherous in the winter. The road has not been graded for two years. The ruts are building up. And if the vehicle breaks down in the snow, the walk in is quite the challenge. What is a 25 minute bumpy drive out was 3 1/2 hours once due to snow, high centering, and having to shovel constantly. Nowadays I just sit tight, and wait it out til either the ranch above plows it ( they have to get to their cattle) or it melts. That can take weeks. I rather enjoy being marooned🙂. But by the time winter has gone, I am happy to see it go just as I am happy to see this dry hot summer be replaced.

  • Roads and roofsPikes, Sun Sep 17 1:31pm
    Had I stopped on that Battle Mountain epic, the road ice, a crust of glazed windblown snow was so slick I would never have been able to get started again- no traction. Had to maintain some uphill... more
    • Flat roofs — PH❄️❄️EY, Mon Sep 18 8:00am
      • and do, it's fortunate that you found your little slice of heaven. I didn't know that's why roofs were flat either. I live in pitched roof territory so never even wondered as flat roofs is not... more
        • Yes, I am living happily ever after.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sun Sep 24 4:00pm
          The odd thing is living without wiring, plumbing, central heating, AC, no refrigerator, no indoor shower, nor bathroom, and no kitchen sink, it's surprisingly easy. But one HAS to be organized, stay... more
          • food cold, shower, get drinking water, and clean the place without indoor plumbing? I get that you have an outhouse but the other stuff, HOW do you manage them so easily as you're suggesting?
            • It's easy.PH🌈🌈EY, Mon Sep 25 7:47am
              I use a large cooler that stays out on the work porch, north side. In the summer I get ice every few days from a market. And it's very easy to keep clean and organized. During the winter it's cool... more
              • live there on your own? There does come a point where it becomes impossible to manage on your own if the slightest thing goes wrong a/o it becomes too difficult to manage. Things get heavier, bodies... more
                • That question is on my mind.PH😰🙂EY, Mon Sep 25 3:02pm
                  But so far so good. No prescriptions. My tactic is to slow down and do less time on each daily chore. Take a more time on each. Spread out the load. For instance, I could put my firewood away in the... more
                  • doing all of those critical chores, what is the plan? Do you sell your place and move to an easier lifestyle or assisted living? Or do you hire an able bodied, live in aide to take care of the more... more
                    • It's so ironic.PH🤕🤕EY, Wed Sep 27 9:18am
                      After our discussion here, I was out early up on the top of five steps leading to the front porch. I turned too quickly and lost my balance. And fell backwards landing with a major thud on the... more
                      • Advertise. If she's out there, you'll find her. Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 29 1:09am
                        Curious why it needs to be a lesbian and a-sexual at that ... ?? Glad there was no major harm to you.
                        • Oh, it was a small bit of rude humor.PH👀EY, Sat Sep 30 9:02am
                          What I am seeking is someone stable. And who likes the remote locale and Mother Nature. 40ish. With no ties to party people, who has sown his or her oats and settled into a wiser course. "Neutered."... more
                    • The latter....PH👀EY, Tue Sep 26 10:08am
                      It's difficult to find the right individual to take up some of the work. Most seem to be on pot 24/7. Or other far worse drugs. Or mental issues. But it's something that is on my mind. It is my... more
    • Oh, how FUN. (The brontosaurus thing) (nm)Sia☺giah, Sun Sep 17 2:16pm
      • Leadville's FUMCPikes, Mon Sep 18 5:39am
        The Methodist Church in Leadville is a very tall barn over a large sanctuary, with a very steep, almost A frame roof above it. By the entrance door is an avalanche warning sign for when deep... more
        • Steep pitched roofs.PH⛄️⛄️EY, Mon Sep 18 8:16am
          I can relate to the avalanche of snow off of the roof. Literally I could be buried alive or at least made helpless if caught under mine. So it's important to pay attention and keep my winter house... more