Steep pitched roofs.
Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:16am

I can relate to the avalanche of snow off of the roof. Literally I could be buried alive or at least made helpless if caught under mine. So it's important to pay attention and keep my winter house trails out far enough to avoid the hazard. And of course keep a close eye on my dog. Enjoyed the video. Some of the hiking trails seem a bit perilous. One slip....? I think I would like to live in Leadville. And loved the old film!

  • Leadville's FUMCPikes, Mon Sep 18 5:39am
    The Methodist Church in Leadville is a very tall barn over a large sanctuary, with a very steep, almost A frame roof above it. By the entrance door is an avalanche warning sign for when deep... more
    • Steep pitched roofs. — PH⛄️⛄️EY, Mon Sep 18 8:16am