My bad. I'd like to get back to the original point...
Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:31pm

the apparent repletion of the ignoring of the classic warning signs we've been reading about since school shootings became a thing.

  • Pikes did.
    • Schools, students, and psychology are another matter as the second paragraph illustrated. Psychology and student intervention aren't controllable by signs, traffic lights, or route reconstruction.
    • My bad. I'd like to get back to the original point... — HeavyHemi, Mon Sep 18 5:31pm
      • That's definitely the big issue here.Poppet, Mon Sep 18 9:58pm
        The details can follow. What would seem to be the priority is making it less likely that these signs be ignored (or, if not ignored, only noted and not acted upon in any meaningful way).
        • "Psychology" is too nebulous and imprecisePikes, Tue Sep 19 2:10am
          When one outlier slips through the psychological profile net with a weapon and uses it to harm other students or teachers, it make the net obsolete. We can pile laws and rules up laws and rules until ... more
          • Excellent point(s).Poppet, Tue Sep 19 8:32am
            I've long held a similar view of psychology, and that's a very insightful application of that shared view to this matter. No list of warning signs is going to be complete; this is not a branch of... more
            • Infinity of the minute is beyond beliefPikes, Tue Sep 19 12:19pm
              At any given moment, understanding the single wiggle of a single loop of subatomic energy in every atom of our body is a number beyond comprehension- beyond the number of grains of sand on every... more