I shouldn't think it woudl be too difficult.
Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:55pm

That seems to be within the scope of what a school could do in a situation where a student was exhibiting "indicator" behavior...although I have precisely zero expertise in this sort of matter.

  • for at least a discussion with the counselor. Frankly I think this jumping to 'rights' is a distraction to the basic point of ignoring the signs.
    • I shouldn't think it woudl be too difficult. — Poppet, Mon Sep 18 9:55pm
      • And apparently that DID happen...Sprout, Tue Sep 19 9:01am
        And the student was even suspended pending a psych eval... But those steps STILL did not prevent the act... Taking me back to my original question of what steps COULD the school theoretically have... more
        • Metal detectors at the doors. (nm)Sia☺giah, Wed Sep 20 7:46pm
          • Finally an answer.....Sprout, Thu Sep 21 9:43am
            While it probably isn't feasible from a case by case basis, in that it probably isn't possible to get metal detectors put in RAPIDLY based on a single potential threat like the note from the kid in... more
            • Thoroughly studiedPikes, Fri Sep 22 11:19pm
              School administrators correctly conclude metal detectors won't work. Too many entrances, and too many people entering and leaving during the day. During breaks, and lunch virtually the whole... more