"Psychology" is too nebulous and imprecise
Tue Sep 19, 2017 2:10am

When one outlier slips through the psychological profile net with a weapon and uses it to harm other students or teachers, it make the net obsolete. We can pile laws and rules up laws and rules until they become so cumbersome and unwieldy, obedience to one violates another. Leviticus and Deuteronomy is one example, and the US Code is another.

I believe in education, the key is to make rules as simple as possible. But the 30 to 1 students to professional adult ratio is full of holes where outliers can and do slip through. You can have all the rules possible, but without personnel to monitor and enforce, outliers can and do pass through. Sometimes they scream for help in one way or another, and other times they're silent.

I had one rule in my class syllabus. "I will not lie, steal, cheat, or cause harm, not tolerate in my presence anyone who does." Could be written on a fortune cookie note.

A college friend lost his son at Columbine. I wrote music for the Never Forgotten Fund and sales proceeds go to the fund, which awards 13 annual scholarships on behalf of the twelve students and teacher killed there that day.

I have strong opinions based on experience and observation. But I also know getting people to listen is hard, and too many don't, regardless what you do, or have to say. I fought it for more than three decades. Won some battles and lost some. From students right up through the chain of authority past parents, administrators, police, and politicians, the most missing element is trust. The more ignorant the stakeholders, the less trust exists, or is possible. When trust goes, crime begins.

  • That's definitely the big issue here.Poppet, Mon Sep 18 9:58pm
    The details can follow. What would seem to be the priority is making it less likely that these signs be ignored (or, if not ignored, only noted and not acted upon in any meaningful way).
    • "Psychology" is too nebulous and imprecise — Pikes, Tue Sep 19 2:10am
      • Excellent point(s).Poppet, Tue Sep 19 8:32am
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