Excellent point(s).
Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:32am

I've long held a similar view of psychology, and that's a very insightful application of that shared view to this matter. No list of warning signs is going to be complete; this is not a branch of science in which such a set of rigorously empiricized factors can be validly constructed. Human psychology is too complex and variable, probably to a vast degree.

  • "Psychology" is too nebulous and imprecisePikes, Tue Sep 19 2:10am
    When one outlier slips through the psychological profile net with a weapon and uses it to harm other students or teachers, it make the net obsolete. We can pile laws and rules up laws and rules until ... more
    • Excellent point(s). — Poppet, Tue Sep 19 8:32am
      • Infinity of the minute is beyond beliefPikes, Tue Sep 19 12:19pm
        At any given moment, understanding the single wiggle of a single loop of subatomic energy in every atom of our body is a number beyond comprehension- beyond the number of grains of sand on every... more