Yes... most heavy equipment runs on diesel...
Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:20am

But diesel technology has come a long way. I suspect it is a matter of balancing power to weight in various applications... Volkswagon made some small diesel sedans that were impressively quiet. A co-worker bought one a few years ago that was only a LITTLE noisier than a similar sized gasoline engine.

I suspect that in many small diesel applications designers shave weight in order to be portable and probably skimp on noise emissions equipment to be lighter. And I have to suspect that in many industrial applications, there may not be much interest from customers in spending extra money to buy quieter equipment.

The generators we use are VERY heavy. Easily ten thousand pounds, though obviously one meant to only power one home could probably be quite a bit lighter. They are really not intended to be moved around much, and so there is probably less drive to keep them as light as possible, and that may be why they can make them that quiet.

IMO for a home generator that one might want to have running while one was trying to sleep, I would probably WANT to opt for the additional cost for a system that runs more quietly. But at the same time, I guess I would also have to figure out how much the cost difference would be versus how much I really expect to use the equipment. If I figure a week of use every few years for a hurricane, how much is that quieter operation worth in thousands of dollars? IMO if it was for my summer cabin where I spent a month or two each year writing my memoirs, it would probably be worth it. But if we only have a hurricane every 5 years on average? Well... hard to say.

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    • Yes... most heavy equipment runs on diesel... — Sprout, Tue Sep 19 9:20am