Infinity of the minute is beyond belief
Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:19pm

At any given moment, understanding the single wiggle of a single loop of subatomic energy in every atom of our body is a number beyond comprehension- beyond the number of grains of sand on every beach of this planet. Our exploration of that universe and its many dimensions is purely theoretical, for we shall never see it. To me it is paralyzing. Every answer delves further into the minute, because something is left unexplained. The only constant in the universe is change, and the only absolute is infinity. Just as the universe has no end in it vast distance, the minute has no end. There is always something smaller.

Foundation and floor of the science of psychology rests on ball bearings. It is a slippery slope without any slope at all. Any movement we make on it at all provides all the slippery slope necessary for a nasty fall. Here in America we're mighty proud of this US Code we've created. It is no more final, or descriptive to the human mind than Deuteronomy and Leviticus. Words don't improve on words. There's always someone to defy, and a time for defiance.

We have prisons full of convicted deviants, and among that population are some innocents caught up in the juggernaut of the code. Fair? Running around Scot free in society are deviants uncaught or convicted, who should be imprisoned.

So the committee agrees person A's acts and character demand incarceration, or institutionalization. What if the committee is a group of bunglers? Lots of committees are that. Look at Trump's cabinet. Look at Congress. The truly bright and outstanding are as common in those bodies as in the general population, which means not much. They are likely to lock up a genius for the simple reason they don't understand him, don't relate to him, and evaluate him to be possibly dangerous, even though he's done nothing.

We have good reason and cause to stop and pause for thought about this whole process. This mad rush of human lemmings drive by biology we no more understand than does the lemming itself. We do because we do.

Almost every time I access the Interstate highway, accelerating to highway speed in one of the double lanes to accommodate traffic, some yoho or a group of them use the merge lane for passing. Often it's a redneck con driving a truck. Occasionally after he passes, engine roaring with one mile to the gallon efficiency, wasting fuel and wearing his engine, his truck belches a black cloud of rolled coal to show how big he is. They're dangerous. Their ignorant stupidity makes them dangerous, and when such men get themselves on committees, and they do, we all pay. Cost of our insurance pays for their stupidity too when they wreck. They wreck because they don't pay attention... to anything. Their world is summed up in the billowing black cloud of coal smoke they leave others choking in. Gun laws are likely to put weapons into their hands because they get the same joy from firing a bullet into something alive, as they do rolling coal just because they can.

Just like the little loops of energy wiggle all together in our atoms, individuals like that wiggle all over America, on every road, and they are coming to define what "America" is. They have a president, and they have policy becoming US Code. They seldom stop to think about anything. America decays. Decay doesn't hold together. It falls apart.

The only person I can be responsible for it me. It is up to me to not fire a weapon at another person or living thing for my amusement. It is up to me not to buy a truck with which I can roll coal and show off nothing. When the code of responsibility is internal, the policy works, in schools, at intersections, on highways and everywhere in life.

I rescored three of the Fourteener works. It is funny how we tinker and tinker here and there, constantly improving something to make it better. When is it done? I guess it never is.

Mount Massive - So Big It's a Region

The excited heart pounds in the joy of total polytonal immersion, where every note, every key is "represented" yielding to exploration in modes- the Lydian mode, and then into clusters, relentlessly moving forward in exploration of the human condition.

This is my escape from the ongoing and increasing madness of our "American" society.

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