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Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:43am

While it probably isn't feasible from a case by case basis, in that it probably isn't possible to get metal detectors put in RAPIDLY based on a single potential threat like the note from the kid in this case, though it could be possible in the short term to assign staff with portable 'wand' type metal detectors to check students entering the building. Perhaps done on specific days where the threat level is determined to be unusually high such as after receiving a threat.

But certainly as a broader preventative measure, a number of schools HAVE adopted the practice of installing metal detectors and engaging in searches in an attempt to prevent weapons from getting into the buildings. IMO while there are some legitimate civil rights questions regarding searches of students, the courts have generally ruled that the installation and use of magnetometers a the doors of school is not unreasonable under the laws.

I have found those court cases very interesting based on the challenge of evaluating what the real differences are between a minor and an adult, and what authorities a school can or cannot exercise both with and without the consent of the parents or guardians. IMO the legal limits on the schools is, at least in part, why I think a number of districts have created district police forces. So they can have a licensed law enforcement officer to engage in searches/seizures that a teacher or administrator would not be allowed to.

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