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  • Clear and understoodPikes, Mon Sep 18 10:23pm
    If you lived in hurricane country, or earthquake country, you'd probably be as experienced and versed with those as with blizzards. Floridians likely have little experience with blizzards, but know... more
    • Removed by admin 3 — banned poster, Fri Sep 22 10:03am
    • we do, everyone rushes out to "blow it away" with snow shovels, blowers, and even leaf blowers. LOL. Within no time, however, the water content ramps up and it begins to shrink into heavy duty snow... more
      • Our storm fronts usually come from the westPikes, Tue Sep 19 1:41pm
        The intervening mountains and deserts wring most moisture out of the clouds. Consequently our climate is dry and arid. A "humid" day is 50% or more. Those are uncommon. Usually humidity is in the 29- ... more