Elevator Going Down?
Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:53pm

Doth the bell of Snaefel toll for the resident troll?

Snaefel - Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Then there is Snowmass Mountain.

Snowmass Mountain - Apparition of the Elks

Also rescored and re-recorded are

Mount Elbert - All Rise!

Smooth, grand, royal, and montaine, with an inside tribute to the Chinese railroad workers of the Colorado Midland who built the grade of the railroad to Leadville and also dug both Hagerman and Carleton Tunnels to Aspen. These people rarely get notice or billing for their contribution to our rich culture and heritage. Their episode is scored for and performed on Di-Zi, Erhu strings, gungi, dilli kaval, racket, serpent, and Chinese lute-guitar. My son whose expertise is these, played the lute-guitar, di-zi and erhu.

Then there is the exitement of the beating heart, throbbing on approach of the wilderness, and Mount Massive- So big, it's a region.

Mount Massive - So Big, It's a Region

This is elevator music only to a soul half dead. A soul whose contribution to the betterment of society is little, poor, and shallow. If it is elevator music, it is for lifting people up, to be able to see a little farther from elevation and illumination. It is also an opportunity for people who through conditions and no fault of their own, are unable ever to see the sights presented, and have it supported with world class music that sets the moods and sweeps them up into enlightenment. At the conclusion of any, those people are renewed and refreshed, as if they actually took a vacation there.

Imagination has no bounds either. Not restrained by time or distance. Our power to renew is entirely in our own minds. One can do that, or drown and die in endless bottles of sorrows and bedroom dance partners.

  • Yep, that was the one.Poppet, Fri Sep 22 5:29pm
    • Elevator Going Down? — Pikes, Fri Sep 22 9:53pm
      • Removed by admin 5banned poster, Sat Sep 23 7:11pm
        • It's realityPikes, Sat Sep 23 8:36pm
          Nothing is staged. If you don't like it, watch staged reality TV, and if and when you come out to climb a 14er, you can begin with Capitol, like the seven people killed on it this season, who didn't... more
          • Yes, the scum! They leave theirPH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sun Sep 24 3:40pm
            garbage at the swimming holes, Broken beer bottles and plastic water bottles. LOw lifes. It's our culture. The Native Americans were far and away a more advanced culture if for no other reason than... more
          • Why on earth would anyone DO that? Sia☺giah, Sat Sep 23 10:13pm
            Anyone who wants to go out in the wilderness to experience, explore, or "conquer" it shouldn't think it's a good thing to destroy it by leaving their CRAP behind as if anyone else might want to see... more
            • Summits aren't signedPikes, Sun Sep 24 1:04am
              The USGS has a bench mark on each- a 5" circular disk with the coordinate designation and altitude for the exact survey site. You have to know exactly where the BM or VABM is. It is always on a... more
        • Someone who thinks there is no top velocityJeeves, Sat Sep 23 8:00pm
          Shouldn't be saying anything. Ya see, there was this guy named Albert Einstein. Turns out, there really IS a top velocity. Everyone but, apparently, YOU, knows this. That's why most of your posts get ... more
      • Don't concern yourself with Monsieur LoserJeeves, Fri Sep 22 11:11pm
        He's a pathetic mess who has created his own Hell. Far better to create beauty, which you do. I don't often respond, which is a fault of mine, but you do REALLY good work. Please keep producing. 8^)
        • Yes, he absolutely doesSia☺giah, Sat Sep 23 12:20am
          do REALLY good work. Yes, Pikes absolutely should NOT concern himself with someone whose goal is to break others just to knock them down. If someone cannot offer something that lifts others up or... more
        • I willPikes, Fri Sep 22 11:21pm
          and thanks!
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