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Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:19pm

School administrators correctly conclude metal detectors won't work. Too many entrances, and too many people entering and leaving during the day. During breaks, and lunch virtually the whole population of a school leaves and returns, and funneling all through metal detectors and the process of inspection takes too much time. Not to mention "crowd control" while a thousand students, 127 + of whom are restless, unruly, and won't be calm or peaceful stir the pot with wholly inadequate adult supervision. It would take an entire class period to process this population, and that's two per day including morning arrival. Students have six or seven class periods per day. Teachers teach five to six classes, with one for prep and planning.

  • Finally an answer.....Sprout, Thu Sep 21 9:43am
    While it probably isn't feasible from a case by case basis, in that it probably isn't possible to get metal detectors put in RAPIDLY based on a single potential threat like the note from the kid in... more
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