Tension of life
Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:54pm

During WWII when the men were off fighting, to conserve rapidly depleting metals for armaments, women were trained and hired to do the calculus equations necessary for accurate bombing runs that didn't waste resources. Their figures were used to guide bombers to targets and through use of Norden bombsights or pure coordinate/altitude math when visibility was obscured, when bomb drops would be accurate and effective.

Life is full of tension. Men tense about women, women tense about men, races tense about each other, all competing for life resources our biological nature insists must be consumed with any opportunity because if we don't, someone else will. We are driven to further our lineage, influence, and power. We start unnecessary arguments that lead to more tension. Leaders argue and when arguments heat, they involve sanctions, or military. Our herd seeks to outgraze their herd.

Our real power in this is so weak, small, feeble, minute, and meaningless, we invoke "sky god," creator of all things to be on our side so our opponents shrink at the mere mention of it. Not once did "sky god" ever intervene. But people assign all manner of natural phenomena to evidence of His vengeance and power. So the creator of black holes and magnetars so powerful they could destroy our entire solar system from thousands of light years distance concerns Himself with raising a storm on a minute Middle Eastern lake to prove He is God?

Is tension ability of proteins to hold together in the flex of muscle? Is it the unease felt in a piece of music, increasing with intensity until something resolves and releases it? Does tension have anything more than a biological purpose? Does it have any purpose at all?

Richard Dawkins' Selfish Gene is a pretty good argument. However curiosity still kills the cat.

  • Where are all the women?Ex-News Junkie, Sat Sep 23 9:58am
    As every feminist knows, 99.9999999% of all women want to be computer programmers. This is the "truth" (or something). So, where are all the women?
    • The Ladies.Robot Space Yeti Zombie, Sun Sep 24 11:47am
      Plenty women working in IT. From my experience (and I have a lot of experience) the majority of team leads and project managers are women. Also, in my experience, women in the industry tend to be... more
    • Tension of life — Pikes, Sat Sep 23 12:54pm